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What is BehaviourNet?

BehaviourNet is an established behavioural and learning platform that offers behaviour focused digital resources for young peoples’ learning and development. A Dorset Pilot Project, the system is being developed to collect valuable data, and provides insights and analytics for staff, senior leaders and broader support teams.

In an ever-increasingly digital world, we promote digital technology as a useful, interactive tool to empower children and young people (CYP) in the most challenging of contexts, with the aim of significantly improving their confidence and emotional resilience, and enhancing their skillsets for higher education and future employment.

Our core belief is that there is a reason behind the actions of every young person, and behaviour is a form of communication. BehaviourNet’s dedicated CYP environment ‘Mindkey’ facilitates young users to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions in a safe and reassuring way, using a variety of specially designed tools and resources.

Key features of BehaviourNet:

  • Provides behaviour focused, digital learning resources that are effective for staff and challenging for pupils.
  • Complements behaviour policies, social-emotional and SEN support.
  • Enables improvement throughout the whole school and wider community.
  • Can be used for individual support or used within larger groups.

What does this do for Staff, Teachers and the Senior Management Team?

MindKey is the digital learning environment where young people have access to a library of behaviour, social-emotional and SEN support learning materials. Through interacting with these online materials, the desired outcomes include:

  • Students can receive the support they need, where issues they are experiencing (home life, bullying) have been identified from their responses made in MindKey.
  • Earlier and better support for children with special education needs.
  • Students will learn to see how others are affected by their actions, encouraged to empathise, and then they can choose to make changes, address and improve their own behaviour.


  • Addressing Behaviour, Mental Health & SEN support.
  • Tools for identifying ‘at risk’ individuals providing assessment, solutions and support.


  • CYP are encouraged to consider the consequences of their actions and learn how others are affected.
  • Why did you do that? How can we make things better?

Children &
Young People

  • Supportive digital environments for Children and Young People.
  • Age-appropriate content for various learning styles, capabilities and needs.

& Staff

  • Complements behaviour policies and enables pupil improvement.
  • Stats, trends and insights for individual students and groups.
  • Time-saving, flexible and engaging resources for staff.

& Data

  • Collection and management of large volumes of data.
  • Data processing to glean useful information.
  • Isolated trends and signals provide the opportunity for interventions and support.

Mental Health

  • Exploring behaviour, social-emotional wellbeing, resilience, mindfulness, anxiety, self-esteem and image.
  • Flagged signals and alerts allow early warnings and intervention.

The digital content covers topics ranging from low-level disruption in the classroom,
through to more concerning behaviours, such as bullying and county lines.

3 – image Low-level behaviour – County lines (dugs exchange etc) Slider?

From Low Level disruption in the classroom
To Bullying
Through to more concerning behaviours
Such as county lines

3.1 – image Primary/Secondary schools


The system will be used by:

  • Students in primary, middle and secondary schools – MindKey
  • School senior management, staff and broader support teams – BehaviourNet

Where Will the BehaviourNet System be Piloted?

The initial aim is to focus on schools in the Dorset area. The system will initially be delivered via primary, middle, and secondary schools, but will also be available for use in PRU’s and Learning Centres.

The software will be used by children and young people, but with broader capabilities and functionality available at later stages. Following the Dorset roll-out, the aim is to then scale nationally and internationally.

From Primary,

To Secondary School…

& Wider support services.

MindKey – Offers Inspiring and Engaging Digital Media for Young Users

MindKey environment inspires young people with interactive, multi-path questionnaires, animation, games, simulations, video, and audio as well as virtual online courses and further supplementary content.


Providing fully customisable environments including theme styles, avatars, and a host of personalisation features, MindKey is specifically designed to engage and inspire the young, creative and imaginative mind.

BehaviourNet’s Powerful Assessment and Analytical Capabilities

The advanced data analysis capabilities of the system, coupled with human and professional psychological counselling techniques and input, will enable schools and other CYP related organisations to confidently address a range of student needs. See more about these features on the Data & Integration page.

Psychology & counselling techniques

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