Behaviour is a Form of Communication.

We are further developing the BehaviourNet solution to enhance support for young people in schools across Dorset.

Teachers, pastoral leads, SENCO’s and support staff within schools will benefit from the tools offered by BahaviourNet that work in and outside of the classroom setting, which will help to provide a joined-up approach to effective early interventions and the delivery of comprehensive and insightful data.

BehaviourNet’s innovative learning platform will be implemented in primary, middle, and secondary schools throughout Dorset, with scope for broader capabilities and functionality available at later stages (e.g. college students and sixth formers). The system will also be available for use in pupil referral units (PRUs) and learning centres.

Watch the CYP summary video:

The MindKey system is for use by children and young people:

Be that:

Proactively (in lessons, as part of the curriculum)


Reactively (in response to an incident or concern)

Access and Engagement

BehaviourNet is leading the development of a cloud-based learning platform with a core focus on the design of customisable learning. Creating apps, animation, gamification, simulations, video, and audio as well as using interactive e-learning processes, including virtual courses and other content.

Personalised learning environments are used to aid CYP access and encourage engagement. This is combined with age-appropriate gamification, varied and rich learning content and analysis to support a range of requirements, abilities and learning styles.

Young users will be able to fully customise their online profile. This includes the use of avatars, a choice of themes and styles, and a host of other personalisation features.

The interface is developed for pupils to access across multiple devices, creating smart virtual environments and applications that draw on Artificial Intelligence, 3D gaming, and computer animation.  This will facilitate the development of authentic virtual characters and realistic social interactions.

Click below to explore and get a feel for the CYP Mindkey environment:

Features of MindKey

The Mindkey environment for students includes features such as:

  • Personalisation features such as Avatars
  • Engaging video content
  • Animation
  • Positive gaming content
  • Immersive digital experiences
  • A host of “branching style” engaging content and resources
  • Cognitive, dialectical language, reality, and behaviour therapy content
  • Knowledge and support on identified issues

Click the button below to view a detailed page describing the CYP environment features.

Rich, Engaging Media for Young Users

Children will experience and interact with engaging media, games, and personalised learning content.

We will continually develop and harness the power of games content to assess behaviour, social-emotional resilience, mental health, SEN, and formative assessment. As online gaming is a familiar and undeniably popular activity that young people (particularly young males) undertake in their day to day life, it is our belief that games content will be a core feature of the platform.

Working in Partnership with Bournemouth University

BehaviourNet is working collaboratively with Bournemouth University to produce high-quality animations and content for the system.

The video above is an example of the wide capability and award-winning quality of animation developed by the team at Bournemouth University – (NCCA) National Centre for Computer Animation.

“Cut Your Strings” Video

The “Cut Your Strings” videos provide a relevant subject matter and showcase the animation quality and calibre.

This video shows a controlling and coercive behaviour campaign and was made by Bournemouth University in collaboration with, Dorset Police, the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, the Dorset High Sheriff, Wessex Crown Prosecution Service, and the Safer Poole Partnership.

Supported by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall and the members of the Dorset criminal Justice Bord (DCJB).

BehaviourNet – A Collaboratively Designed Solution

As children are central to the system, BehaviourNet develops and designs solutions in collaboration with young people. Ongoing engagement with children and young people is achieved via several methods, including: online and physical workshops, focus groups and consultation events in a range of different schools, youth centres and other similar CYP settings. The engagement with children not only helps identify needs with our subject matter experts, but also provides co-design opportunities with content teams and software developers. Young people therefore help shape the system and influence what features are contained in our software. We believe that this is key to the system’s future success.

We will continue work in these ways with young people to ensure that their needs are addressed, and plan to set up a youth consultation and advisory group to inform and steer the project. This will be conducted alongside school leadership teams, pastoral staff, and community input.




Teachers & Stakeholder Panels/Advisory Boards

Working with a panel of school leaders and external organisations will ensure that BehaviourNet’s range of features meets schools or end user needs.

Engagement with partners, stakeholders, and support organisations via panels and advisory boards will help enable: innovation, identifying project needs, key objectives, and provision to ensure a sustainability strategy.

Key Stakeholders and Partnership Working