The BehaviourNet data intelligence gathering and reporting functionality are ground-breaking for a school system – no other existing software provides the equivalent features and functionality that we have built and are continually developing.

In addition to BehaviourNet’s current features, we are also exploring and developing a range of capabilities to enable data integration from the platform to existing schools, third parties and local support systems.

We specialise in collecting, sorting and sharing insightful data with interested parties.

Key Features:

  • Analytics to assess student responses and interactions from key indicators and markers.
  • Behaviour profiling to develop in-depth data for reporting and early intervention.
  • Increased capabilities for diagnosis and identification of at-risk young people.
  • Ability to trigger alerts and warnings to relevant staff or appointed adults and support teams.
  • Unique tracking allows young people’s activities to be monitored from school through to adult services.
  • Potential to collect valuable, usable data at the individual, school, community and regional level.
  • Provide detailed intelligence including reports, trends and even predictions.
  • Capability to increase multi-agency information sharing.

CYP Insight – The Process


In response to incidents, or as part of the curriculum, young users are assigned behaviour focused, digital tasks to complete within the MindKey environment. These tasks may be assigned on a preventative or a reactive basis and could include questionnaires, games, videos, free type and other engaging formats.

The task materials are carefully designed by educational psychologists and content authors to elicit responses from children to highlight issues within particular areas of concern. Topic content is designed to focus on specific issues and constructed using established counselling and psychological methodology.

Within BehaviourNet (the teacher and staff online environment), responses and reactions to completed tasks are analysed by the system and scored with an overall “concern level”. The system will additionally employ machine learning and intelligent deep data mining techniques to process the data collected into easy to understand reports.


Concerns highlighted by the system are flagged to staff or agencies via reports, alerts and warnings. This allows for early detection of potential concerns that may otherwise have been overlooked entirely, or discovered at a much later stage.

Relevant data is then shared with authorised agencies for intervention and further analysis. This could be, for example, identifying situational or regional trends, which can potentially highlight larger scale issues such as county lines.


Multi-Agency Data Sharing Opportunities Using BehaviourNet


The BehaviourNet system employs intelligent data analysis to provide early indicators and flag potential issues for CYP, based upon responses given to interactive digital content. Timely detection and intervention allows early support to be provided, thus having a significant and positive impact on outcomes.

A complete record of children’s behaviour and support lifecycle is stored within the BehaviourNet system, and data transfer between schools and wider support services is facilitated by the software. Inter-agency data sharing enables:

  • Multi-agency integration – a joined up approach to monitoring and management of vulnerable children.
  • Improved communication between Local Authority departments.
  • Efficient data sharing between schools and external support services and organisations.

Information sharing between organisations, particularly between schools and the Local Authority, is key to optimising the delivery of support services. Transparency of data increases awareness, efficiency and the potential for early interventions. By understanding more about why certain behaviours are present in pupils, this enables schools to provide more effective support for those students that need it.

Data collected by BehaviourNet varies in format between preventative classwork through to more investigative, analytical content. Hierarchical permissions dictate levels of access to data and thus ensure that only relevant, key appointed personnel are able to view sensitive information.

The BehaviourNet teacher and staff dashboard provides indicators to highlight concerns raised by responses which have been given to online resources in MindKey. These indicators are available in many formats, including graphs, a traffic light warning system and other visual triggers within the interface.

See further details on the functionality available in the Teacher & Staff Environment.

Partners & System Integrations


BehaviourNet will provide data integration with stakeholders and partners including:

  • School Management Information Systems
  • Local Authority, support and SEN services
  • Safeguarding systems
  • NHS, CCG and Public Health Dorset
  • VCSE charities and support organisations
  • The Police

Integration between these system will be facilitated using established API technologies.

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