The BehaviourNet system will have a range of benefits for young people, schools, support services and the wider community.

  • In Dorset alone, there are approximately 300 schools and over 60,000 children and young people.
  • The UK has 32,770 schools, over 10 million students and more than half a million teachers.

We can make a positive impact on millions of young people in the UK!


With a potential user base of over 10 million students, together with teachers, staff and related agency personnel, the system will have a positive impact upon millions of lives. With no existing system in place to provide behaviour focused learning resources, response-driven risk assessment and powerful reporting functionality, there is clearly a significant need and strong impetus to develop the BehaviourNet system.

Furthermore, Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on Children and Young People (CYP) in the context of school closures and is looking increasingly likely to have a continuing negative effect for the foreseeable future. The lack of access to school and support services, together with the fast-growing requirement for safeguarding at-risk, vulnerable young people, results in a heightened and increasingly urgent need.


Extended lock-downs, social isolation, family health concerns and economic pressures will ultimately have a negative effect upon us all. Recent studies clearly indicate that children and young people are experiencing increased stress, heightened anxiety and mental health issues at a time where adult support services have been significantly reduced. It is abundantly clear that additional support mechanisms are absolutely fundamental for teachers, staff and young people.

BehaviourNet will increase the effectiveness of technology for student support and well-being, tackling not only behaviour issues but positively impacting mental health, safeguarding and SEN. We are raising the quality and scale of software innovation to support behaviour management strategies and provide indicators and actions for early intervention in education.

But let us be clear – we are not ‘Big Brother’. The BehaviourNet system will never be a replacement for traditional, professional, face to face, teacher/student interaction and support. BehaviourNet is a tool. A powerful tool to help teachers, staff and senior leadership teams detect, support and track behavioural, mental health, safeguarding and SEN concerns for the young people in their care.

Summary of Impact and Benefits for BehaviourNet’s Key Stakeholder Groups

Individual Pupils and Young People

  • Encourages independent behaviour learning – children & young people can learn to reflect on their own behaviour and choose to improve.
  • By allowing young users to feel listened to and supported, they are able to disclose and express their thoughts, concerns and feelings directly or indirectly via an engaging, modern, non-judgemental interface.
  • Enables social engagement or re-engagement.
  • CYP are provided with the ability to develop resilience and explore emotional programs, encouraging greater personal responsibility and self-respect.
  • Digital materials promote empathy and respect for others, whilst encouraging assertiveness and personal development.
  • Interactive media assesses and identifies potential Special Educational Needs.
  • Enables early identification and facilitates intervention for behaviour, SEND and safeguarding concerns.
  • Encourage children to engage positively with their school and their wider community.
  • Develop trust and confidence in the solution, together with the interventions and support they may receive as a result of using the platform.


  • Ability to easily establish CYP underlying trends and issues using intelligent data analysis.
  • Capacity to react to behaviour incidents in a compassionate, relevant and personalised way.
  • Interventions span low-level classroom behaviour through to more concerning behaviours including Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE), such as county lines drug dealing.
  • Effective in aiding schools and support organisations in meeting and delivering a range of needs and objectives.
  • Reinforcement of school ethos, culture and community cohesion.
  • Advanced reporting capability enables delivery and assessment of support services across the whole school.
  • Generation of school audits and reports enable organisations to compare against a framework of desired behaviour culture, facilitating institutions to work towards a ‘best practice’ model.
  • Provides the opportunity for increased efficiencies, positively impacting staff workloads.
  • Promotes closer links and data transparency between schools and external support teams, such as educational psychology and social services.

Wider Community and County

  • Research and data collected will be made available to relevant agencies and personnel including Governors, Local Authority, CCG, Senior Leadership Teams and Social Services. This will aid in the facilitation of efficient county-wide delivery, assessment and coordination of services.
  • Enables a wide area reinforcement of common ethos, culture and development of community cohesion.
  • Access to county-wide data assists with planning for immediate and future provision, together with increased situational awareness so resources can be directed where needed.
  • Delivers improved assessment tools based upon precise, real-time information gleaned from an evidence-based system.
  • Facilitates enhanced statistical analysis functions as data can be interrogated to measure the nature of patterns and trends arising.
  • Compliments and promotes a consistent approach across the region with opportunities for review, planning and refocus of resources in response to changing needs.
  • Aids practical, structured and enhanced cost economies across the board.
  • County-wide schools can be the ideal conduit and central point to deliver supported provision under one umbrella, meeting objectives for integrated care under both education and health.
  • Enhanced integration opportunities from existing systems over to third-party application vendors.

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