As a Dorset Pilot Project, BehaviourNet is a software platform developed, funded and supported across multiple agencies, bringing together a strong network of partners to deliver a truly unique solution. BehaviourNet is a community social interest project aimed at benefiting the community as a whole. In addition to our current partnerships, we will also be working collaboratively with selected organisations and key interest groups both regionally and nationally, meeting a range of commonly shared objectives. These include:

  • Engagement and development with CYP who are, of course, central to the purpose of the platform
  • Schools
  • Local authorities
  • NHS and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)
  • The Police
  • VCSE specialists, relevant charities and support organisations
  • Universities – (evidence-based research)
  • Leading experts on matters relating to child safeguarding, education and psychology

Continuously developed by ongoing engagement with children and young people and consultation with teachers, professionals, stakeholder via panels/advisory boards. Click Here.


By working with partners and sharing skills, knowledge and experience, the programme will collectively build a strong network of organisations and professionals who are committed to improving education and inclusion in the community.

The project will utilise digital collaboration solutions, provide opportunities for connecting interagency CYP support and additionally provide CPD courses for adults. The professional development element offers teachers and support staff the potential to provide better support and engagement to young people.

Continuing Professional Development and wider training for adults.

The Origins of BehaviourNet

Resources stem from work originally founded in the late 1990s by David Allaway (BA, Cert Ed, Grad Dip Ed Couns), a former Head of Year who taught in both Australia and the UK. Based upon counselling and psychology techniques, the system was initially developed to provide printable materials for use by pupils. The content was later converted into digital video and interactive resources, better utilising behaviour and reality therapy.

The Behaviour resources are currently being used in thousands of schools in the UK (1 in 4), Australia and around the world, in various formats, with exciting plans for future development. Sadly, however, David passed away before a web-based solution was fully developed and brought to fruition. The team has taken the opportunity to realise David’s vision of combining technology and pedagogical experience to support professionals with a software system that will have a significant impact on the lives of Children and Young People.

The team consists of:

  • Industry professionals
  • Educational management
  • Pastoral, academic and support staff
  • Senior software engineers and programmers
  • Design, graphics, UX, game and varied multiple media skill-sets
  • A wide range of professionals, subject matter experts and support bodies

Our Partnerships

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Working with partners from the public, private and third sectors in close collaboration towards a coordinated framework enabling economies of scale.

Dorset Council

The initial phase of this project has been made possible by Dorset Council. We gratefully acknowledge the support and funding from Dorset Council, Corporate Director Commissioning, Quality and Partnerships and the Dorset Local Authority team. We will be working with Dorset Council via a range of team members, support services and schools across the region.


Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University is a critical collaboration partner in various research and development areas, across multiple faculties. From students and postgraduates through to professors, academics and external experts, we will be working with the following departments:

Science & Technology

  • Psychology
  • Computing & Informatics
  • Tech (Data / AI)
  • Creative Technology

Media & Communication

  • Design & Animation (Film, Graphics)
  • Learning Technology & Instructional Design
  • Games Software Engineering

Health & Social Sciences

  • Med Tech & social.

Business School

  • Marketing Strategy and Innovation
  • Accounting in Finance & Economics.

RedBalloon Media

We are also working with the Bournemouth University based RedBalloon Media production studio, offering access to experienced professionals and students to work on some of the graphical and animation aspects of the project. This partnership provides us with knowledge in specialist subject areas and leading-edge digital media support.

Using Evidence-based Research in the Development of BehaviourNet

Through our partnership with the university sector, we will develop a shared research evidence base to identify the most appropriate intervention strategies for facilitating behaviour change.

Interventions are more likely to be effective if they are theory and evidence-based. The research will look at how new education approaches will be driven by innovative practice whilst being supported by relevant technology. Interventions will operate at both an infrastructure and pedagogical level to ensure learners everywhere can access the best opportunities.

‘Transforming Healthcare Through Innovation’ (a collaboration between Bournemouth University and the Dorset Integrated Care System) is a partnership of all NHS and local authorities in the county whose aim is to drive forward improvements. BehaviourNet will look to integrate with this initiative for a pan-Dorset solution.

The research will cover a wide range of aspects including machine learning, AI, deep data mining and a range of wider academic research opportunities.

Dorset Police

We welcome the partnership and support of Dorset Police to facilitate this project. The aim is to meet several objectives, enabling impact and support for Children and Young People and the wider community, supporting earlier interventions as part of a coordinated and comprehensive approach.


Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner

Working with Dorset Police and The Police & Crime Commissioner supporting objectives to ensure an appropriate focus on Children and Young People’s issues.


Wider Partners

Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

We are working with Dorset LEP to support its objectives of retaining local talent, creating new jobs, developing business growth and enabling innovative research opportunities. The project will help to support Children and Young People in developing life skills which we hope, in turn, will improve employment and career opportunities.

This project has a significant capability to impact wide-ranging directives in the broader community.

Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Council – (BCP)

Alongside our partnership with Dorset County Council, we are also working with several other organisations across the region. By working with Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Local Authority, we will be focusing on common elements and key objectives shared across the different authorities. The aim is to develop strategies, implement solutions and utilise best practices to have a significant impact on the whole of Dorset.

NHS, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Public Health Dorset

We are looking to support the wide-ranging community objectives and develop opportunities for early identification and support of CYP issues. We will explore the impact and initial provision available to support teams, such as SENSS, Education Psychology, Social Care, CAMHS Dorset and the NHS/CCG.

VCSE and Wider Organisations

There are opportunities for collaboration with Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) specialists, charities, support organisations and commercial partnerships, such as:

  • Dorset Mind (Mental Health)
  • My-Concern (Safeguarding)

Achieving Multi-Agency Objectives

There is a clear requirement for a comprehensive solution to support young people across a range of issues and meet multi-agency objectives. These objectives include:

  • Developing a system-wide approach for early intervention and prevention supporting provisions including safeguarding and identifying at-risk individuals.
  • BehaviourNet is a solution and connector for a network of organisations and professionals to work towards a ‘best practice’ model.
  • Enable schools to support children and young people’s behaviour, social, emotional, mental health wellbeing, SEN and safeguarding.
  • Empowering schools and support teams with effective behaviour interventions.
  • Increasing efficiencies for the support of CYP and enabling a closer working partnership between CAMHs paediatric services and SEND.
  • Supporting Ofsted Inspection frameworks and the inspection of Local Authority provision – 2019 Objectives: behaviour, attitudes and personal development.
  • CYP – Grow up to be confident and resilient and can contribute positively to society, resulting in increased community cohesion.
  • Increase the percentage of CYP aged 0-18 with a diagnosable mental health condition receiving treatment from the NHS funded community mental health service – 34% is the target.
  • Further expansion of Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT).
  • Transforming healthcare through innovation partnership between Dorset ICS and Bournemouth University.
  • Meeting wider-ranging CPD and training objectives to support local issues and objectives.
  • Unique research opportunities with Bournemouth University.

Third-Party Software Integration

As well as developing working partnerships with local Dorset based resources, there are also a range of opportunities for integrations with third-party solutions, including:

  • School Management Information Systems
  • Safeguarding systems
  • Cybercrime Apps and Solutions
  • Local Authority and Health information
  • Specialist support/charity systems

There may be other integration opportunities that are identified during the later phases of development.

Please view the Data & Integration page for further information.

Funding and Investment

Central to the future development of the BehaviourNet system is to secure additional appropriate funding to ensure we continue to produce high quality, cost-effective, evidence-based solutions. We are working closely with our strategic partners on various innovation, research and investment funding programs:

  • Dorset Council
  • Bournemouth University
  • Dorset Local Enterprise

Opportunities for investment, research grants and match-funding via BU are components of the project.

Our development and research phase to pilot, roll out, identify impact and improve system elements spans a 24-month timeframe. During this process, we will identify and clarify the commercialisation opportunities to underpin and define the offering.

Partners in the project will gain significant cost efficiencies and commercial benefits as we advance and this will identify the potential of a regionally-funded, multi-organisation system, benefiting from cost-effective commercial opportunities.

Private Sector Investment

We are also happy to discuss private investment opportunities for the project. To indicate interest, please get in touch via the contact form.

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