Teachers, support staff and other relevant CYP professionals can access the system through a personalised and customisable dashboard. Tasks like accessing student questionnaire results and learning activity responses are quick and easy to achieve with sophisticated reviewal capabilities.


Staff Features

  • Task management, where staff can set/review tasks and communicate with students
  • Reports suite – to access reporting features
  • Notifications – Alerts on concerns and flags, support and next steps.
  • Communications to internal colleagues or external support.
  • Training suite – a CPD suite for staff to develop areas of expertise.
  • Settings – allowing customisation of the interface, system management, links and group settings.
  • System help
  • Notifications – providing quick links based on recent activity (e.g. tasks completed by a student for review, concerns)
  • There are different levels of permission and access for staff depending on their role and responsibilities. A key appointed adult/senior manager would view different data to a support assistant.

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CYP Questionnaire Results

The software is designed to flag responses with highlighted concerns or notices and provides suggested interventions and methods for further support. The user-friendly interface will provide intelligent analysis, support, early intervention capabilities and improved multi-agency communication.


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